Switching From Node.js to Elixir

After writing software for the past 6 years, I realized that the implementations that we write are far more important than the languages we choose, but, having a developer friendly, safe, strict language, can guide you towards better implementations. That is why I set out to search for a new programming language, that will replace my daily driver - Node.js. In a search for a new programming language, I asked myself two questions - what are the must-have features I expect from a programming language? and do its pros outweigh its cons?
In this post, I will weigh some of Javascript’s pros and cons, later on, I will list the features, I believe, a programming language should have, afterwards, I will explain why I chose to learn Elixir and at last, I will weigh Elixir’s pros and cons.

Implementing Clean Architecture

Last year, I had the opportunity to design a new project at work and since I had just finished reading Robert Martin’s Clean Architecture I thought to myself, why not implement it on that project ? One of the reasons, except my usual I have to implement this cool thing right away! was that working on legacy systems in the company was accompanied with the good ol’ big ball of mud code. The purpose of this post is to show you how can one implement Clean Architecture in practice and still understand it years from now, whether you work alone or in a team. Everything shown will be written in Typescript on Node.js using Object Oriented programming paradigm. All of the code will be available here

The Javascript Event Loop

After writing in Node.js for 3 years, I felt that the majority of the posts about it were lacking deeper knowledge, especially about the event loops internals, so, I decided to dig deep and give you my insights. Node.js seems like a simple beast to handle but in reality, there are a lot of layers of abstraction behind it. From one perspective, this abstraction is great, but, like everything else in software, abstraction comes at a cost.
The purpose of this post is to show you a broader picture of how the Node core handles the event loop, what it really is and how it coexists with the JS runtime.

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